All players are most welcome, from novices to seasoned veterans of all ages and experience. Year-round bowls is offered, either outside on our immaculate greens, or indoors in our fabulous indoor bowling facility which is unique in London. You will be joining one of the leading bowling clubs in the country, which has produced 25 national champions and 35 internationals over the years.

All our welcome to our Friday evening Barefoot Bowls where our Bowls Members will show you the skills to get you started to compete against friends and strangers for the title of Barefoot Bowls Champion! Our next Barefoot Bowls Event is booked for Thursday, 1st June at 6:30pm. The fee is £10 for members and £15 for non-members. Sign up now – 0207 286 8448.

The game is also popular with our many visitors who attend corporate and social events.  So if you were thinking of bringing some people to the club, why not consider inviting them for a bowl? By prior arrangement, a bowls trainer can be provided from the bowls section who will let you into the secrets to let you get the most from your visit.

Membership Fees:
£105 Click here to see membership fees

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