Paddington Sports Club is unique in many ways, but not least that it welcomes tennis players of all levels and runs specially-tailored leagues for all of its members. From day one, even beginners will find an appropriate league where they can continue to improve and enjoy tennis with someone of their own standard.

The club boasts ten all-weather courts, seven surfaced in acrylic and three top-of-the-range artificial clay which allows play, even in wet conditions. Five courts also have floodlights so play can continue until 10:00 pm at night, even in the height of winter.

Paddington Sports Club has numerous skilled and LTA qualified coaches to help any members starting or returning to tennis, and they can provide flexible lesson times to fit in with work schedules.

In addition, the Club has six tennis teams which compete – and win – up to and including County standard.  For those who miss out on the chance to play for the club, the tennis section operates a Club Ladder which grades players of similar skill and co-ordinates matches which will help hone that competitive edge to your play. The Tennis Committee also arranges various tournaments throughout the year.

Play is from 8:00am-10:00pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am-10:00pm Saturday to Sunday

Membership Fees:
£565 Click here to see membership fees

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